Invest in Cryptocurrency

Strategic Objectives for Our Crypto Investors and Buyers


• Demonstrate market returns on endowment
• Grow the value of the GMAM to benefit all shareholders and the traders
• GMAM to become a leading Cryptocurrency recognized in society
• Drive financial stability of the GMAM for its investors and buyers

Customer/ Constituent

• GMAM will become an accessible, effective and actively traded cryptocurrency

Internal Process

• Improve program development process
• Grow the GMAM Crypto Division at Growmore
• Confidentiality and other relevant policies are in place to ensure the safeguard of all functions and personnel
• Trading targets will be set for all Growmore Crypto Team members to strive and achieve key milestones

Learning and Growth

• Attract top talent
• Drive a performance focused culture
• Modernize technology infrastructure
• Improve volunteer leadership capabilities
• Expansion plan- Growmore to take on/create more asset backed crypto currency from different sectors

GMAM will focus on emerging markets and opportunistic sectors.

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