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Mission and Vision Statement

The Mission of Growmore’s Crypto Currency is to generate market value and profitability for its investors and other stakeholders.

The opening price of GMAM Crypto is $10 per Token. Growmore aspires to achieve a value of US$100 per token by year three based on a “conservative growth strategy”.

The vision statement of GMAM Crypto is to focus on emerging markets and to achieve social impact. The Growmore Crypto is correlated to Social Impact Investing e.g. the development of healthcare cities, land transformation by way of smart cities, agriculture for poor farmers, female empowerment, opportunities for graduates into self-employment et al. Growmore Group is actively involved in the aforementioned sectors.

Thus, the Mission and Vison of the Growmore Crypto is to generate socially responsible market profits by constructing a new “moral invisible hand”. A percentage of the total quantum of tokens developed by Growmore will be allocated via the Growmore Foundation to socially responsible organizations (SRO)s.

Where there is a restriction or a limitation of traditional money in emerging markets, the Growmore Crypto aims to provide a complementary medium of exchange especially in emerging markets; the Growmore Crypto currency is an aid to socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.

“The next money is DIGITAL CURRENCY but earnt in a socially responsible manner for the good of all humans and our planet”

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