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Growmore Asset Management

GMAM is a regulated financial services organisation operating in London (regulated by FCA), Dubai and Zurich (regulated by VQF/FINMA). We continue to geographically expand our core business of Wealth Management and Debt Finance, particularly out of Zurich. With nearly two decades of experience in structured finance, Growmore has circa $24billion Assets Under Management (AUM) across various sectors and regions.

Our range of equity funds have mandates that cover core, smaller companies, equity income, fixed income, specialist, active quantitative and nonbenchmarked funds.

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We are culturally, economically and strategically cognisant of our clients expectations and create solutions that are bespoke to their specific requirements. We have a strong emerging and frontier markets focus. We continually work on updating our range of strategies to make the most of the market dynamics, as these markets evolve at a faster pace and new opportunities arise.

Glossary of Terms

Anti- Money Laundering (AML)

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Crypto Investors and Buyers

Demonstrate market returns on endowment

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Growmore Tokenomic Strategy

At the initial phase the GMAM will trade

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Crypto Governance

GDPR - Please refer to the Growmore Group

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Market Makers

Growmore invites Market Makers across

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Case Study

If you’re pursuing a recalcitrant debtor

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Currency convertor

The equity funds normally invest in securities which are registered or listed on the world’s major stock exchanges or regulated securities markets.

These funds give a variety of attractive investment options, whatever your risk profile or investment horizon.


A combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches :
Top down :

  • Identifying trends like sustainability, the impact on the local economy and the long-term view
  • Devising a thematic approach to narrow down research - Data analysis to determine an investible universe

Bottom-up :

  • Fundamental financial analysis of candidate companies identified by top-down analysis
  • Qualitative analysis (management, business model and external conditions
  • Quantitative analysis (financial statements, ratios, etc.)
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